Investors Eye Austin Craft Beer Market As DMA Expands

New entries like Lazy Tree Ranch and Vista Brewing making solid headway in outer suburbs.


With Austin being the 8th largest craft beer market in the US, much attention is being paid to not only Austin proper but the suburbs, which are expanding rapidly. Communities like Georgetown, Liberty Hill and Driftwood have seen explosive growth in the last two years making them the fastest growing cities in the United States. In Liberty Hill for example, a city some 20 miles from Austin City limits, there are more than 10,000 homes either platted or under construction within 10 miles of the city. Georgetown is seeing similar growth. The economic expansion is heading north and west.

At Lazy Tree Ranch we are ideally positioned for this exponential growth. We have guests traveling from 40 miles around to get away from the city congestion and spend a lazy day in the country. Our 1,000-acre view, great beer and food and a constant cool breeze are big attractors. Still, its only a matter of time before the growth get’s here and our local base enlarges.
— Carl Braun, Managing Partner, Lazy Tree Ranch

Lazy Tree Ranch is one of the newest entrants into the Austin Craft Beer Market, where they are establishing a brewpub, concert and events center on a nearly 11-acre parcel. Lazy Tree currently operates out of it’s pavilion offering various craft beers and a family friendly, dog friendly, park-like atmosphere.

Vista Brewing in Driftwood Texas, again some 20 miles but to the south and west of Austin City limits and 60 miles south of Lazy Tree Ranch is developing a similar destination brewery location. Their 21-acre spread is likewise covered in large trees and will surely attract big Austin crowds on the weekends. They expect to open next year with a restaurant and brewery.

While Austin is one of the largest craft beer cities in the US beating out cities like Denver, Philadelphia and even Boston in a recent Travel and Leisure Magazine survey, there is still a dearth of destination locations like Vista and Lazy Tree Ranch where families can come out to the country and have fun in a family friendly and pup friendly atmosphere, while enjoying great craft beer and food. Braun agrees:

Both Vista & Lazy Tree are certainly early entrants into the complete destination location craft beer space in Central Texas. Our first concert will be in late September.  I’m sure will both do well. Lazy Tree is doubling visitors every day since it opened a few weeks ago. 
— Carl Braun, Managing Partner, Lazy Tree Ranch

Potential investors can look at Lazy Tree Ranch at . Class A Shares still available. Contact: Carl Braun at 512-763-6639. 

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